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Vol. XXIII – Issue 4 Oct/Dec 2015

Vol. XXIII - Issue 4 Oct/Dec 2015

Is President Obama setting the stage for World War III?

Dr. Greg J. Dixon

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I can yet repeat almost verbatim the dynamic words of the “Kansas Fireball” that they called Evangelist Art Wilson, the dramatic Baptist preacher who ran all over the platform and up and down the aisles when he preached.   It was August 15, 1946, I was fourteen and it was hot as I listened to the more than two hour sermon under the tent at Waco and Douglas in Wichita, Kansas and no A/C except the funeral home fans that the women worked with special dexterity. And those benches, they were so hard they would keep every chiropractor in town busy for the next three months.   But what a sermon, I was riveted with every word and the Holy Spirit pinned me down with a box car load of sin that the only way I could get it off was to hit the mourners bench at the end of what Billy Sunday called “that old sawdust trail” which I did when they began to sing Just as I am without one plea, except thy blood was shed for me.” I experienced those words of the Lord Jesus, when He said, Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.   For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. On the way home that night, the stars shone brighter than I had ever seen them before. “Bud” Dixon, which was my nick name in those days, had never felt a peace like that peace, the peace that only a sinner who has just experienced the forgiveness of all of his sins by a forgiving God can feel, who has just gone to that “fountain filled with blood”, and “lost all his guilty stains” can know.

The call came the Wednesday after I had my encounter with “Rolly Polly” and the “Angel” – (see July-Sept Trumpet – pg. 3). My foster mother, “Mom” Lucas, whose home I stayed in along with her husband, who everyone called “Luke the Barber”, from the time that I was four years old until my mother married Mr. L.E. Dixon when I was eight, called me.   She wanted to know if I would like to go to the tent meeting on Thursday night? She said that the preacher was going to preach on the subject: “Will We Have a Third World War with Russia? It really peeked my interest and immediately said, “Yes,” and I was ready on time, the next evening when they came by in their black “Chevrolet” sedan to pick me up.

It was right after WW II. America and Russia had been allies in the defeat of the Axis powers, and for a preacher to announce that these two great powers were now going to turn on each other was unheard of. But Dr. Wilson showed conclusively from the pages of Holy Writ that it was going to indeed happen. Since then untold millions of dollars, possibly billions have been spent on both sides to keep this War from breaking out, it has been called the “Cold War” or MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction – both sides engaging in massive nuclear proliferation (the stockpiling of nuclear weapons), which would be enough to blow each other off the map so that no one would dare begin an overt move against the other.

However remember the nursery rhyme, “Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly?” And so through UN treaties America has slowly disarmed through the years to the point where the Russian Bear is now in a position to totally dictate to us the terms militarily and economically of future negotiating leverage. Besides, after three no-win wars in a row that has seen the loss of countless thousands in lives, and billions in dollars, the American people no longer have the will to give up their “good life” of pleasure to go off to war to fight for another lost cause. Even our historic desire to stand with Israel is now eroded to the point where the Obama regime has officially turned against our longtime ally, even the majority of Old Line Protestant churches   represented by the National Council of Churches is against the State of Israel and the leadership of the military has now turned against the Nation of Israel. With the exception of the conservative wing of the Republican Party politically, and the evangelicals and fundamentalists religiously, and the Orthodox Jews, Israel has very little support left in the U.S. today. And even many conservatives and fundamentalists who call themselves Anti-Zionists are against Israel. In fact their vitriol against Israel is so great that they will even support Islam over the State of Israel with few exceptions.

God did not make America turn against Him, as Israel of old our nation has forgotten where we came from and the “rock from whence we were hewn” (Isa 51:1). And the Bible has foretold in detail how the end time will play out. In 1946 Israel had not become a nation, but the preachers were preaching, based on the prophecy of the “budding of the fig tree” of Mt. 24:32 and Ezekiel’s prophecy of the “dry bones” of Ezekiel 37 that Israel was soon to become a nation again which took place on May 14, 1948. People living today have no idea the electricity of excitement that went through the Christian community at that time. I was sixteen years old. We literally looked for the Lord to return. For two-thousand years Israel had been out of their land and now the nation had been “born in a day” in fulfillment of prophecy (Isa 66:8). It was nothing short of amazing.

But look what is happening today concerning the prophecy of Ezekiel 38. Everything that Dr. Wilson said that night, is taking place before our very eyes nearly seventy years later. He said that Gog was the prince of Magog –Russia, in fact the American Revised Standard Version translates this word “Rosh. And “Gog” is also the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. He told us that Meshech = Moscow and Tubal = Tobolsk. The first being the Western Capital of Russia and the second being the Eastern Capital in Siberia. The Tubal or Tobol River, which is the modern spelling, actually flows through the city.

It says that God is against Gog and his nation and that He will put “hooks in his jaw” and bring him, his army with his armor, and his allies down against Israel. And then the prophet has the audacity to name these allies twenty-seven hundred years ago. The very first one is Persia which is present day Iran. Then Ethiopia, Libya, are mentioned which are natural allies of the Muslim world. Next we have Gomer and all his bands. Gomer was one of the sons of Japheth mentioned in the tenth chapter of Gen. One of these will include Germany. According to tractate Yoma, in the Talmud, Gomer is identified as the ancestor of the Gomerians, modern Germans. This should not be a surprise, Germany seems to always end up opposite the interests of England and America and also because of the influence of Luther has historically been virulently Anti-Semitic. And next mentioned is Togarmah, all of his bands and many people with him. Togarmah was linked to medieval Turkic peoples by Jewish-Khazar traditions. Which suggests modern Turkey and other Muslim nations in the region.

The narrative in this and the following chapter tells of this Moslem/Russian/Germanic Axis coming against Israel while they dwell in peace. Which lets us know that there is going to be some kind of a peace treaty that is going to give Israel a sense of security that is guaranteed by the nations of the world. We also believe that this will be the agreement that Anti-Christ will “confirm” in the middle of the week. And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…” (Dan 9:27) When they come against Israel there are some world nations that speak out and lodge a protest, no doubt with the U.N. and say, “Art thou come to take a spoil?” They are called “Sheba and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof.” The Evangelist that night identified Tarshish as Great Britain and the Young Lions as those that had left out from her such as America, the largest of the “young lions”, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

Everything has come about just as the Evangelist said, nearly seventy years ago. Great Britain and America have come from the most powerful nations on earth after World War II, until today both nations are depleted economically, militarily and morally, and are being overran with hordes of Muslim and drug crazed and criminal immigrants. America, nearly twenty trillion dollars in debt, our gold having been stolen from us, our military filled with women and homosexuals, so weak in will that we can’t even whip a few thousand renegade Moslems, will only be able to lodge a weak protest with the United Nations when the Third World War breaks out in the middle East.

We are convinced that one of the main reasons that this will happen is because of this vile treaty that Sec. of State John Kerry has just negotiated with Iran (Persia). And just think, we had this wicked enemy of America, Christianity and Israel on the ropes financially through our crippling sanctions and boycotts and now we are giving them $150 Billion dollars, which in their economy is equal to over a Trillion dollars. Just skimming the surface of this one sided treaty there is basically only one main reason that the U.S. should not enter into this agreement with this arch enemy who has vowed to destroy America and Israel, and that is it will assure Iran (Persia) an atom bomb within fifteen to twenty-five years. All sides are in agreement on this point and we know that this is only a blink of an eye in the light of how fast time passes. And this doesn’t take into account all of the terrorist activity that Iran and her cohorts will wreak on Israel, the U.S. and even Moslem nations that don’t follow their radical Shariah Law in the meantime.

And remember, once ratified, America will never be able to come to the aid of Israel again militarily if attacked. From that day forward Israel will be on their own, with their only hope on God. Of course according to the Scriptures, we know that this is where the Lord wants to bring them. Surely we must be coming to the end of the Gentile age. Surely our Lord draweth nigh.

Zechariah foretold the time that Jerusalem would be a “Cup of trembling to all people. (Zec 12:3) He also said that “…all the people of the earth would be gathered against them.” You will note two things here. First for these things to happen, Israel would have to be back in their land as a nation, and then all nations including America, who has been their staunchest friend, must turn against them.

Few people know that the Non-Proliferation Treaty against Nuclear Weapons, was signed in N.Y., City in 1968 by the U.S., the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union and forty other nations. Five Nations refused to sign. They were India, Pakistan, Sudan, North Korea and Israel. Can you imagine Israel on the side of N. Korea on any issue?

My thinking is that the next great World War will take place at the beginning of the Tribulation period, because even though the Tribulation period will be seven years, less the time that it is shortened for the “elects sake” (Mt 24:22) the destruction is going to be so great that otherwise no flesh would be saved. So if the rapture would take place today, it might be forty years before the Tribulation period or Daniel’s 70th week begins. In my thinking and others, it is only necessary that the Tribulation period lasts for seven years, not when it begins. By a gap between the rapture and the Tribulation it gives time for the Judgment Seat of Christ, and many other things such as the World economic system which will include the Mark of the Beast and other things to develop.   This war of Ezek. 38 may very well be the Red Horse Rider of Rev. Ch. 6:4.

In closing we want to say that as one who believes in the eminent return of Christ and the literal fulfillment of these prophesies I still do not want the Iran treaty ratified in order to “fulfill prophecy” or “hasten the coming of Christ” as our critics accuse us. The doctrine of Christ’s eminent return is a “purifying” doctrine according to the Apostle of Love. (1Jn 3:2) “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” (1Jn 3:3) “And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.”

The doctrine of Christ’s eminent return should cause us to do the right thing, no matter when He returns. The right thing for America is to remain strong and to stand with Israel against these wicked Moslem hordes, that again is threatening to overrun the entire world, as they did in the middle-ages. We need to declare that we believe the Abrahamic Covenant, and that God will bless that nation that will bless Israel is still in effect today.

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