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Resolution on Immigration

Resolution on Immigration

Whereas, American officials have taken an oath to keep America strong, safe and secure from domestic and foreign threats and;

Whereas, Americans have a right to expect state and federal authorities to keep them safe and secure from foreign hooligans and;

Whereas, federal statutes require officials to enforce requirements for admission into the U.S. but are not enforcing those laws, and;

Whereas, such malfeasance by public servants has resulted in millions of illegal aliens flooding our cities producing: lost jobs; a bloated welfare system,  packed prisons,  overcrowded classrooms, bankrupt hospitals, and the deaths of about 10,000 American citizens annually, and;

Whereas, that flood of illegals is changing our culture to where it will be unrecognizable in a few years;

Be it resolved that the number of border guards be increased dramatically;

Be it resolved that the wall be finished expeditiously;

Be it resolved that any U.S. business be fined heavily for hiring illegal aliens;

Be it resolved that any visitor who overstays his visa be arrested, fined, and deported;

Be it resolved that Mexican officials be notified that they must cooperate with U. S. officials if they want to continue receiving favored treatment;

Be it resolved that any federal official who refuses to enforce border security laws be fired and fined;

Be it further resolved–

That the members of the Unregistered Baptist Churches meeting at Victory Baptist Church in Okeechobee, FL this 22nd day Feb., 2016 voted unanimously to inform the media of these demands to our public servants.