THE MISSION:  To preserve and continue the New Testament Baptist Church which had it’s beginnings with Christ and His Apostles.

THE PURPOSE:  To encourage and enjoy the fellowship of Baptist pastors, evangelists, missionaries and laymen who love and hold to the Historic Baptist Doctrines of the written Word of God.

THE VISION:  To bless and leave for our posterity a Bride ready for the Lord’s return.

THE GOAL:  To revive and maintain the purity of the Historic Baptist Faith of our 1st Century fore bearers.


The 4 Root Principles Of Our Baptist Heritage

I.  The autonomy of the local New Testament Church and the Priesthood of the Believer.

II.  The New Testament Church is comprised of scripturally baptized (immersed in water) Believers.

III.  The Word of God (Holy Scripture) is the sole authority of Faith and Practice.

IV.  The Principle of Religious Freedom for all.  (Separation of the State from the Church).

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