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February UBF Newsletter

By: Greg A. Dixon 



Weekly, between Mr. Finney and myself we receive requests from churches and pastors that need information on unregistering or organizing their churches.  Our movement continues to grow little by little.  I believe as the Coming of Christ draws near, more and more churches will be interested in the Declaration of Trust.  It is my opinion that as the true church is persecuted, many will seek help to function in society lawfully.  We who affiliate with the UBF must be ready when that time comes. 


Thank you to those pastors who have scheduled meetings for 2021.  More than one per month is acceptable but we would at least like to have one per month.  If you are interested in hosting a monthly UBF meeting, please choose a month and date and contact me as soon as possible.  Each meeting will be on a Monday from 10am-5pm or at the discretion of the pastor.  There will no meetings in November or December. 



March 8:              Jeffersonville – Bill Adkins


May 17:                Long Run – Joey Faust

June 7:                  Ohio – Ernie Sanders

July 12:                 Indy – Aaron Campbell

August 9:             Ashtabula – Pastor Latou


October:              IBT – Matt Roller, or Fairland – Tom Chestnut


I have heard for 40 years this chaos was coming.  You have as well if you have been in church at all.  So, why are we amazed at the events surrounding us?

America was established by God for religious freedom and the proclaiming of the gospel. When we stop doing so, God really has no more use for this great nation. Just as God set aside Israel, he can set aside America. God wants us as Believers to be his light to a world He is ultimately HEALING, RESTORING and REDEEMING!

So… get your family together and PRAY, go to CHURCH together next weekend, HEAL family differences, LOVE your neighbor (maybe meet them for the first time), GIVE your tithes to the Lord, SUPPORT missions, READ your Bibles and ultimately REPENT of unconfessed sin.

Most of us want an America that we can live the DREAM!  However, without GOD there is no dream.

The Book of Revelation says, “Jesus stands at the door and knocks.”  The doors of our hearts, homes and churches need to “OPEN.”