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UBF Resolution on Same Sex Marriage

UBF Resolution on Same Sex Marriage

WHEREAS, the Pastors gathered at the Spring Meeting of the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting addressed the Scriptural fact that God ordained holy matrimony between one man and one woman, and, that marriage existed before any man-made law, constitution or government; and


            WHEREAS, currently before the Supreme Court of the United States is a case to require the states and the people to sanction and legitimize homosexual behavior through issuing a state marriage license; and


WHEREAS, some religious leaders have stated in documents filed in this case that any such action could bring God’s judgment on our Nation; and


WHEREAS, we state that the Scriptures are clear on this subject, when they warn against such defilement, see Leviticus 18:22 and 24-30; further, should anyone try and state that these were the rules for Israel in the Old Testament, a Levitical prohibition if you will, in 2 Peter and in the Book of Jude the application of this prohibition is reiterated; (KJ V) and


WHEREAS, history records that when the great empires of Rome, Greece, Babylon and Assyria allowed homosexuality to become rampant in their countries, they collapsed; and


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, we unequivocally acknowledge and state that God ordained marriage in the Holy Bible as being between one man and one woman, and that marriage existed before any law, constitution or government: we agree with the position taken by other religious leaders that to go against God’s word can and will bring judgement upon our Nation: we state herein the historical evidence that the destruction of major empires occurs when homosexual

behavior becomes rampant: we state that the case before the Supreme Court of the Unites States should be dismissed, with prejudice, as neither this Court, nor any other court, has the power or the authority to change God’s word.