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UPDATE (11/8) – Supreme Court Justice Stevens Denies Stay

UPDATE (11/8) - Supreme Court Justice Stevens Denies Stay

The Indianapolis Baptist Temple has one ray of hope left to stave off Federal Marshals seizing their church property at 12 noon Tuesday, Nov. 14, WITH WHATEVER FORCE IS NECESSARY, according to a Sept. 28, Order to Vacate from Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker, Indianapolis. The Supreme Court rules allows the church to appeal directly to Chief Justice William Rehnquist. The letter for reapplication has been sent today and will be on his desk tomorrow morning, Nov. 10. The court is closed for the holiday but the appeal will be on his desk the first thing Monday morning.

Thousands of faxes and mailgrams will go to the court in Washington, D.C. over the weekend which have been generated by church members and talk radio. More than a hundred letters from the children who attend Indianapolis Baptist School grades 1-12 will be overnighted to Mr. Rehnquist today.

While the Federal Marshals are preparing to seize the church, the congregation is busy moving all of the personal items out of the buildings and into storage. Dr. and Mrs. Greg J. Dixon are moving out of the church parsonage at 339 W. Cragmont Drive where they have lived for 32 years. Three other families will be moving out of church homes which are on the 22 acre site along with some homeless that are staying at the church.

Rev. Greg A. Dixon, who succeeded his father as pastor of the Church, will announce Sunday morning where the congregation will meet Sunday, Nov. 19. As of today, a suitable location has not been found for the educational ministry.

The pastors and congregation invite all to attend a prayer service on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 11 AM.

Contacts: Rev. Greg A. Dixon / Dr. Greg J. Dixon
Phone: (317) 783-6753
Fax: (317) 781-2778

P.S. Please send faxes or mailgrams to Chief Justice William Rehnquist over the weekend and ask him to give a stay order so we can stay in the church and school during the appeals process.

Supreme Court Main:(202) 479-3000
Supreme Court Fax: (202) 479-2971

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