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UPDATE (11/13) FINAL DENIAL – Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist Denies final appeal for Stay

At approximately 1:30 PM today (11/13/2000), Chief Justice William Rehnquist refused to Stay an Order to Vacate by District Judge Sarah Evans Barker, Indianapolis to authorize Federal Marshals to seize the church property at 2711 South East St. by 12:00 Noon November 14. Judge Barker had given Summary Judgment for $6 million including penalties and interest to the Clinton/Reno Justice Department January 19, 1999 for alleged uncollected and unpaid 941/FICA taxes on those who served the church from 1987-93. The evidence shows through IRS audits of those who serve the church that all taxes have been paid.

The issue is not a tax issue, but a religious liberty First Amendment issue. In reality it is a First Commandment issue. God said, Thou shalt have no other gods before me. For the Lords church to become an agent of the Internal Revenue Service and collect and pay taxes for the destruction of the Christian faith that they preach would be the sin of blasphemy. Jesus Christ is the only Head of a New Testament Church that He purchased with His own precious blood.

Chief Justice Rehnquist had a chance to correct the injustice of the District Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago but he refused. He has come face to face with God and has told God that not only is He not to have any place in the public sector of our nation but now He cannot even come into His Sanctuary, the New Testament Church.

Indianapolis is the syphilis capitol of America. The Federal Courts are not interested in the children. They have not only destroyed the house of God where more than 1,000 congregates worship weekly, but they have also destroyed a Christian educational ministry that was teaching approximately 500 children the word of God daily when the IRS attacked the church on March 1, 1994, with bogus and fraudulent notice of liens.

Chief Justice Rehnquist has now taken his place with the great persecutors of Christs Church down through the ages. He is a modern Saul of Tarsus who, …made havock of the church.

The Lord Jesus Christ said, Suffer the little children to come unto me. The Federal Courts now say that children cannot come to Jesus. The Supreme Court has said that God cannot be in the public schools and now they say that He cannot even be in a church school. The Lord Jesus also said, But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Every Federal Judge, every IRS agent, and every member of the US Justice Department now knows what Gods opinion of them is. It is most strange that the Clinton Administration began with the fiery destruction of a cult in Waco, Texas, and now ends it by destroying a mainline fifty year old Baptist church in Indianapolis.

The church plans to have a prayer service beginning at 11:00 AM on Tuesday Nov. 14. All of those who will stand with the church in this non-violent worship service is welcome.

Contacts: Rev. Greg A. Dixon / Dr. Greg J. Dixon
Phone: (317) 783-6753
Fax: (317) 781-2778

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