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The Not-so-kind Marshals

The Not-so-kind Marshals

We thanked and commended Marshal Frank Anderson personally over the three months that the Indianapolis Baptist Temple was under siege for his patience, kindness, and candor. Since the raid we have publicly mentioned that we appreciated the kindness and respect that the marshals showed to the pastors and the church when they came in. For one thing they could have impounded the cars that were still on the lot but they didn’t. In fact they actually drove them over to the Big K Mart. Attorney General John Ashcroft called him and commended him for the successful raid on the church. And the media has literally drooled over the Marshal in this regards. We have noticed that the church has received no credit for the most part of contributing to the fact that no one was hurt or injured for which of course we are most happy. However since the take over of the church we have found that the Marshals are not quite as kind as we have been led to believe.

Mr. Gus Miller who represents the court appointed receiver Olympia Partners allowed Pastor Greg A. Dixon to go back into the church buildings to retrieve the personal property of those who stayed during the siege. There were computers, printers, copiers, books, clothes, and a myriad of other things scattered all over the buildings that we had literally claimed as home for 92 days. But we noticed one thing that was very strange. Everything that could be positively identified as belonging to Dr. Greg Dixon was missing. The Marshals knew exactly which room in the school that he had been sleeping. When the room was examined for his personal belongings the room had been totally stripped. No clothes, boots, luggage, shirts, pajamas, etc. Even soiled clothes were gone along with an air mattress and a sleeping bag. A journal with Dr. Dixon’s name on it was also missing.

Quite providentially something else very interesting has fallen into Dr. Dixons hands. It is the code names used by the Marshals during the raid. Following are what the Marshals called Emergency Call Signs:

Rev. Dixon Sr = HOMER
Rev. Dixon Jr = BART
Bomb Alert = Mr. Burns
IBT = Springfield
CHURCH = Moe’s
FBI = Crusty
ATF = Sideshow
MILITIA = Milhouse
HELO = Kent

Even though this editor has never watched the TV show The Simpsons one time, others who have seen these codes have, and they tell The Trumpet that each of these is a character on that television show. For instance Homer and Bart are the Simpson boys. Mr. Burns is Homer’s Boss. Springfield is the town where the Simpsons live. Moe’s is a tavern on the show. Crusty is a clown and Sideshow is his sidekick. Milhouse is Bart’s friend and AhPoo runs a convenience store. Kent is a news reporter.

To me the saddest thing about this is the code name for the word church. To these men the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is no more than just a beer joint. Is this the way that the authorities brain wash these young men who make up federal law enforcement. The church is no different than a tavern in the town. Carolyn Stumpf, spokeswoman for the IRS locally said on a number of occasions that the IRS treats the Baptist Temple just like any other business in the city. The churches of course have brought this attitude upon themselves by organizing as not for profit business organizations under the Internal Revenue Code. Why should we be surprised that the world would treat them just like any other business.

Somehow the authorities have brainwashed them selves into sanitized thinking concerning holy things. In the last conference with Marshal Anderson and his two main assistants Dr. Dixon asked Marshal Anderson if in his 35 years as a Marshal if he had ever conducted a raid on a church before. Debbie Westbrook, General Counsel for the Marshal’s service in Washington, D.C. was on the phone and said that she didn’t think that statement was fair. She said that they were just executing an order. Dr. Dixon said that he saw this as the problem. The government has developed “new speak” as mentioned in Orwell’s 1984. Abortion isn’t infanticide, its just an abortion. A raid on a church is just executing an order. Very antiseptic isn’t it. We are some able to white wash these things. We are able to brain wash ourselves into believing that what we do is not so bad. Besides we are just doing our duty. Gary Tingle who is the Deputy Chief in the Marshal’s office said, “That’s just semantics, we can’t carry out a raid without a court order.” At least we have one honest marshal.

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