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Jerald Finney Back with Biblical Law Center

Jerald Finney Back with Biblical Law Center

Attorney Jerald Finney, author of 4 books on separation of church and state, including God Betrayed.  His website is

Jerald Finney is lead counsel for the Biblical Law Center (“BLC”). The goal of the BLC is to glorify God by helping churches in their efforts to honor Jesus Christ by structuring themselves as New Testament churches according to biblical principles. God has prepared him practically, academically, and spiritually for this calling. He worked on farms as a child in the Texas Panhandle where he grew up. Since graduating from high school, he has earned his BBA degree from Texas Tech, served as an Army Officer in Viet Nam, worked for the railroad, and owned and operated a small business. Since the Lord saved him in 1982, he has been a faithful church member and a diligent student of the Bible. God called him to the legal profession, and he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1993. Since then, he has consistently striven to study and apply principles from the Word of God as he has served the Lord in the legal arena.

Jerald Finney has been the lead counsel for the Biblical Law Center (“BLC”) since May, 2005. After a hiatus he has come back to the BLC since the death of Barbara Ketay. The BLC helps churches who desire to organize according to New Testament principles.

Prior to coming on board with the BLC, Finney has been used of God to win several cases with victories over the Child Protection Agency, Street Preaching and other public preaching cases.

Bro. Finney’s Web Site is:

Visit Biblical Law Center at:

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