Trumpet Vol. XXII - Issue 4 Oct/Dec 2015




Vol. XXII - Issue 4 Oct/Dec 2015


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Rev. J. Matthew (Matt) Roller takes over for Greg A. Dixon, son of Dr. Greg Dixon at Indianapolis Baptist Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana

UBF Meeting April 13-14.

National UBF Meeting

Victory Baptist Church

1020 Smith Avenue

Paduka, KY

October 10-21, 2015


Midwinter UBF Meeting

New Testament Baptist Church

Coral Gables, Florida

February 22-23, 2016

Setting the Stage for WW III

Should a Muslim be President Of United States?


Passing the Torch

“Gay” Manifesto - "We Shall Sodomize Your Sons"

The Pope's Yard Sale

What would Jesus do about the Emmanuel Church Killings?

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2015 UBF Anual Meeting


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Is President Obama Setting the Stage for World War III?

Dr. Greg J. Dixon

I remember it as if it was yesterday.  I can yet repeat almost verbatim the dynamic words of the “Kansas Fireball” that they called Evangelist Art Wilson, the dramatic Baptist preacher who ran all over the platform and up and down the aisles when he preached.   It was August 15, 1946, I was fourteen and it was hot as I listened to the more than two hour sermon under the tent at Waco and Douglas in Wichita, Kansas and no A/C except the funeral home fans that the women worked with special dexterity.  And those benches, they were so hard they would keep every chiropractor in town busy for the next three months.  But what a sermon, I was riveted with every word and the Holy Spirit pinned me down with a box car load of sin that the only way I could get it off was to hit the mourners bench at the end of what Billy Sunday called “that old sawdust trail” which I did when they began to sing Just as I am without one plea, except thy blood was shed for me.”




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No True Muslim Should be a U. S. President!


(Editor’s Note: The Trumpet tries to stay up to date in the area of the Bible as to its relation to current events. This issue of Moslem’s holding public office in the U.S. is most important, but we are obviously losing on this issue in our country based on a current USA/Suffolk University poll that appeared in the Oct. 1, USA Today that said over 53% of the American people would vote for a “qualified Muslim” as President of the U.S. This means that the American people would be willing to elect a President who has taken an oath to abide by “Sharia Law”, which is the religious/political law of the Muslim and still expect them to abide with a committed heart to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. The Lord Jesus Christ said, No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Mat 6:24)

Don Boys, Ph.D.


Americans need to understand, contrary to all the radical leftist propaganda, that the barbarians are not at the gates; they are inside the gates while U.S. politicians and religious leaders stand around sucking their thumbs as a strange wooden horse has been pulled even deeper inside our national borders.


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