Editorial by Pastor Gregory A. Dixon

by Pastor Gregory A. Dixon

As our 92 day stand against tyranny and for religious freedom came to an end on Tuesday, February 13, 2001 my mind has raced with so many varied thoughts.

To the I.R.S., your harassment of God's people, the stealing of God's property and the lies against God's ministers (who paid their own tax liability as self-employed ministers) is deplorable.

To the U.S. Marshal Frank Anderson, along with every Federal Agent and I.P.D. employee who participated in the raid, seizure and rape of the Lord's church, it was not justified because "you were just doing your job." Your job is to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

To Judge Sarah Evans Barker, you will be known in history and eternity as the one who trampled the law of God (10 Commandments) and the house of God (Indianapolis Baptist Temple).

To President Bush, your conservatism and compassion is neither.  To our city and state elected officials, your silence has spoken volumes yet heard very clearly and will be remembered on election day and God's judgment day.

To all the media, I am grateful for your tireless and excellent coverage of our battle.

To my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Dixon, thank you for passing your faith and courage on to your children and grandchildren.

To the community at large, your letters and prayers were meaningful.

To the religious community, I promise my support of your church when it is also targeted for destruction.

To my wife, daughters and sisters, your love, understanding, resilience and tears have made my heart tender yet strong.

To my congregation, the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, your steadfastness and attitude has been a testimony of grace, a commitment to truth, an example of the believer, a tribute to conviction and a comfort to me personally in time of need.

To my Savior, Jesus Christ, you are still Lord!

Gregory A. Dixon
Senior Pastor
Indianapolis Baptist Temple

Please contact the White House and Attorney General John Ashcroft and express your outrage at the raid on the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.

WHITE HOUSE - 202-456-1414
FAX - 202-456-2461
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FAX - 202-307-6777
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Thanks for all your help.

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