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United States v. Indianapolis Baptist Temple

We have received rumors from reliable sources that a specially trained unit called SOG (Special Operations Group) may have been called by the Justice Department to evict the Indianapolis Baptist Temple congregation from the church property. These rumors are continuing and persistent and need to be addressed. It is our understanding that SOG is a special unit trained for hostage and anti-terrorist situations. The stand here at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple is not a hostage situation, and it is not a volatile situation. The use of such a force would tend to expose our congregation, pastors, and people who have come from across the nation to worship and pray with us to an unreasonable risk of harm.

I want to assure the public that IBT’s stand is peaceful and is not intended to merely protect the buildings. IBT has been placed in the position where it must choose to obey God or man: IBT must choose God. IBT cannot leave the church properties by reason of the religious convictions of the church. The central tenet of the faith of the church requires the absolute sovereignty of the church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the exclusive head of the church and the complete separation of the church from the state. IBT’s stand is passive, and is in the nature of a redress of grievance which is an activity protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution to stand as a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of His Church and as our Sovereign Lord above all. IBT’s concern at this time in light of the rumors of SOG is safety. The safety of our congregation, pastors, and people who have come from all over this nation to worship and pray with us during this unprecedented period of renewed persecution of the Lord’s Church. The congregation of the church and the pastors and people who have come to pray with the church pose no threat of any kind to the safety of U S Marshals. There is no need for SOG.

The pastor has asked all who advocate a resistance of any kind to leave. I EMPHASIZE THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO IMPORT SOG OR ANY OTHER SPECIAL FORCE TO EVICT THE CONGREGATION. A final judgment has not been entered in the legal action that the United States has brought against the church. There is no judgment pending against the church at this time because a petition of certiorari is currently pending in the United States Supreme Court. We appeal to the Untied States Justice Department and to the Clinton Administration to abandon any plans or procedures that they may have to evict this congregation or seize this property. This property is neither private property nor public property. This is the sanctuary of God.

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Dr. Greg J. Dixon

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