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In that this coming Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting to be held at the Victory Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky marks the thirtieth anniversary of the unregistered church movement, we are asking all of the men that came and stood with us in the battle of Louisville and the subsequent prayer and fast conferences in April and again in October in Covington, Georgia, in 1984 to come and commemorate those historic events.

Some that were there have already gone on to be with the Lord.  Thankfully many are still on the battlefield for the Lord.  We are happy to report that Dr. Everett Sileven Ramsey, who the Lord used as the pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Louisville, Nebraska to begin this whole movement when he spent 187 days in the Plattsmouth Jail because he refused to take a license for his Christian school.  Seven church fathers spent 97 days in jail.  Approximately 1,000 preachers from across America stood with the pastor and his people, and over 100 were actually carried bodily from the church at 6 am on Oct. 18, 1982, when the church was padlocked by the authorities and the little church school was evicted to the streets. 

Those were halcyon days.  Who will ever forget that day when hundreds of preachers and Christian laymen walked down the streets of Plattsmouth singing, There is Power in the Blood?  I still get goose bumps just thinking about it.  Also the day that we were having the prayer meeting in front of Sheriff Tesch's  office when the drunk on the bull dozer tried to run through and kill all of us. 

Dr. Sileven will speak on Monday evening and tell the story: America's First Padlocked Church. Dr. Robert McCurry, who was also there, has been invited, and if his wife recovers from recent surgery, hopes to come and speak on Tuesday evening.  Dr. Joe Adams, who continued to defy the authorities and conduct the Faith Baptist School in a school bus parked on the street in front of the church building, is planning to be present and to tell about this experience.  Bro. Gillespie who was one of the leaders in the Battle of Louisville is also planning to be there.  We are expecting many others. 

We realize because of the "way of all flesh" this will no doubt be the last time that we will be together before we meet at the great reunion where there will be no more battles.  We want to encourage all that were at those meetings to come and be with us this one last time.  Bro. Sileven will give a copy of his book, America's First Padlocked Church to all preachers present.  We will also give a copy of all of the resolutions of the American Coalition of Unregistered Churches and the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship to all who attend the meeting.

Motel information can be found by going to the UBF website under Events at:

http://www.unregisteredbaptistfellowship.org/index.php/events .

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