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IRS - Now All Churches Are Under Their Control

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Editor's note: The following article is republished from Dr. Kent Hovind's Blog exactly as it appeared as his son Eric posted it. Bro. Hovind has now spent eight years in various state jails and Federal Prisons all over America on trumped up charges called "structuring", which Congress passed to catch those involved in organized crime, not a pastor and his wife who were simply structuring their ministry affairs to avoid taxes, which is not a crime. The citizens of our country have been so dumbed down that a prosecutor can convince a grand jury and a jury of anything. However, in the end, Bro. Hovind and his wife Jo, who served for one year in a Federal Prison, were betrayed by one of their own Christian brothers and sister. You will read the sad story of betrayal on page 3 of this Trumpet.

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IRS - Now All Churches Are Under Their Control

Every few days, we receive phone calls or e mails here at the Biblical Law Center that say, "Our church is not a 501 (c)(3) organization." When I ask them why do they say that, they usually answer, "Because we are not incorporated, or we have never filed with the IRS, etc." Others might say that they are a house church, or that they don't have an EIN number, or that they operate strictly with cash, or that they pay no salaries. Others might say that their church has been working with someone that has sold them a package deal over the internet and their church is operating as some kind of a trust or corporation sole. Usually they have paid a pretty handsome sum for these schemes.

Then there are those that rattle off various, so called patriot or constitutional jargonese, that some "constitutional" guru has convinced them will either work for them or has worked for others – which many times they have also paid a good deal for. What the "expert" hasn't told them is that often if they check further they will find that someone who has used that particular scheme is doing more perfecting of that particular plan in jail or has been there.

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