Kent Hovind Resolution

Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting


February 23-24, 2015

Victory Baptist Church

Okeechobee, Florida


Kent Hovind Resolution


Whereas Kent Hovind lived an exemplary life as a role model for America’s youth and, Whereas Kent Hovind has never been involved in any violent or criminal activity and, 


Whereas Kent Hovind is a loved and respected husband, father, and grandfather and, Whereas Kent Hovind is a much-respected minister of the Gospel and Creation Scientist and, Whereas Kent has spent 8 years in federal prisons after a dubious trial for tax evasion and money structuring and,


Whereas many famous politicians and celebrities, guilty of more egregious crimes, have spent only months in prison or served no prison time and,


Whereas there are irregularities in Kent’s trial that demand an examination and,


Whereas Kent Hovind has been threatened with 20 years or more added to his unjust sentence for simply demanding an accounting of the government’s taking of his property and for an overturning of his sentence,




that a judicial review board investigate and discipline the presiding judge for her anti-Christian hatred and vindictiveness toward Christianity as she displayed in the Kent Hovind trial and be it further resolved,


that the presiding judge reuse herself since she is obviously prejudiced in this case and, be it further resolved,


that the prosecuting attorney’s activities in this case be investigated for her excessive zeal in Kent Hovind’s prosecution and be it further resolved,


that Kent Hovind be commended by Christian people and freedom loving people for his principled stand and, be it further resolved,


that all Christians pray for Kent Hovind and his family that he be soon returned to his family and Christian ministry.


Voted on unanimously at the annual meeting of the

Unregistered Baptist Fellowship at Victory Baptist Church,

Okeechobee, FL Feb. 23-24, 2015.

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