Barbara Ketay – Celebration of Life – Saturday, Oct. 15




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Barbara Ketay – Celebration of Life – Saturday, Oct. 15

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Barbara Ketay – Celebration of Life – Saturday, Oct. 15

Barbara Ketay (74), worked as Legal Associate with Dr. Greg BarbaraKetay Dixon and the Biblical Law Center  since 2004, went home to be with the Lord from the Vitas Hospice Home on Merritt Island, Florida, the morning of Oct. 6, as Hurricane Matthew raged toward the coast of Melbourne and the Space Center.  Authorities had given the order to evacuate the entire island, so contrary to earlier information they evacuated her to the Consulate Nursing Home on Sarno Rd in Melbourne at 11 pm on Wed. night Oct. 5 and we rejoice that our Lord released her from her earthly prison and set her spirit free at 5:55 am Thurs. morning Oct. 6.  A Celebration of Life will be held for Barbara this Saturday morning, Oct. 15, at 11 am at the Calvary Baptist Church in Melbourne.  She is survived by a daughter Mona Lisa Wilcox, a son Marc Fiorito (Ty), and a younger sister, Paula of Cleveland, Ohio.  Also Tonya, a beloved niece in Cleveland with her family. 

Barbara was used mightily of the Lord to help many churches and pastors in their struggle with State Government.  Her essay, Down and Dirty, which was a warning against church incorporation has been reprinted many times along with her CD Church in Chains.   She was also one of the founders of the North American Patriot Union, and also the Co-founder of the North American Law Center.  Visit the VIDEO of Barbara as she thundered away at the Washington Mall on 11.11.11 as we Declared our demand to Restore the Constitutional Republic.    Her speech at the Washington Mall can be read at http://the-trumpet-online.com/barbara-ketay-u-s-patriot-union-speech/.

Barbara had also worked for the past two years, until her illness made it impossible to travel, with Chuck Baldwin and the Liberty Church project Conferences as the main speaker on the Church/State entanglement of the 501 (c) (3) issue. 

Barbara suffered with little complaint knowing that “…she was participating in the sufferings of Christ.”   Her family also wishes to thank Phyllis Bruner, Patti Dooley and other precious neighbors, who gave of themselves and expressed the true, “Good Samaritan” spirit, throughout her ordeal and never abandoned her.  They also wish to thank the good ladies of Hospice Care and their devotion and love for Barbara and others in their care.   

Barbara loved her beloved nation, and was a great patriot.  She loved the pastors and churches that she worked with on a daily basis, with very little compensation, and she loved our veterans in all branches of government, including our First Responders.  She would often stop anyone in uniform and tell them that she loved them and that she appreciated them.  It was always amazing how they would respond to her.    

Pastor Sergio Reyes, Officiating

Service: 11 am

Calvary Baptist Church

Address: 2980 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32935

If any pastors that Barbara assisted would like to send a brief testimony to be included in a packet of material for the family, please send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





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