The Passing of The Torch



Vol. XXIII - Issue 4 Oct/Dec 2015


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Rev. J. Matthew (Matt) Roller takes over for Greg A. Dixon, son of Dr. Greg Dixon at Indianapolis Baptist Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Passing of the Torch

The Passing of the Torch

The resignation of Pastor Greg A. Dixon of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple on August 13 and the calling of Rev. J. Matthew (Matt) Roller as his successor with a 96% vote on August 30, which the church then made a 100% call, will mark the first time in sixty years that the name Dixon will not be associated with one of the most historic churches in Baptist fundamentalism.  With no pressure from within the congregation or without from the federal government that raided the church when they were located at their downtown location in 2001, Rev. Greg A. Dixon at sixty years of age, stepped down from the pulpit ministry of the church to pursue other ministry interests.  

Altogether Pastor Dixon has served for thirty-eight years at the Temple where he came after graduating from Baptist Bible College in 1977.  He first served as Youth Pastor for five years.  Then he was the Pastor at Baptist Temple West for 2 ½ years before coming back to the main church and accepting the position of Co-Pastor with his father Dr. Greg J. Dixon until the church called him as the Pastor when his father resigned in 1996. 

Dixon will still continue to serve as Missions Pastor at the church and plans to take two to three foreign mission trips each year.  He will also continue to serve as President of Urban Youth Ministries which is a dynamic undertaking that is reaching several Junior and Senior High Schools in Indianapolis with a Faith Based program and a powerful innovative evangelization effort where parents sign off for their children to attend a gospel service on school premises.  Hundreds of young people have received Christ through this effort.  Pastor Dixon is praying that many other cities will be able to begin a similar program using this model.  He will also succeed his father, Dr. Greg J. Dixon as the National Director of the Biblical Law Center that assists churches to extricate themselves from the 501 (c) (3) trap.  Pastor Dixon’s resignation will be effective on Dec. 31.  There will be a special installation service for Bro. Matt on Dec. 13. 

After Pastor Dixon became Lead pastor in 1996 he was skillful in helping the church to progress financially and then he stabilized the church after the attack by federal marshals on Feb. 13, 2001.  He guided the church for five years when the church was literally a pilgrim congregation as they moved from place to place until finally finding a permanent home when they were able to negotiate a lease agreement with E and F Realty for Racquets Four, an abandoned health club, at 4002 E. Southport Rd, two blocks East of I 65 South.   Under Pastor Dixon’s leadership the congregation raised over $1 ½ million dollars cash, and with much “sweat equity” from the members and others, moved in to their beautiful new facility on August 27, 2006 with nearly 1,000 present.

Bro. Roller’s parents came to the church when he was in the nursery and he grew up in the church.  He and his wife Rebekah (Bekah), a PK, are both graduates of the IBT High School in 1991 and have three children.  Matt was saved at the age of fifteen when Evangelist Carl Hatch was giving his life testimony.  As a senior in High School he worked with the Special Needs Class (retarded and handicapped).  Often times “special needs” means special help with the bathroom (this is as far as we need to go with this).   We are sure that our readers will agree that there are not many Senior High young men that are interested in helping in this class which shows something of Matt’s character.  After graduating from High School, he and “Bekah” worked in the Third Grade Department of the Sunday school for some time.  Then they were the College and Career leaders for three years until demoted (ha) as the teen director for five years.  For the past four years he has taught the Main Auditorium Adult Sunday School Class.  We should also mention that he also served as a Deacon in the church for several years.  After working in management in the Auto Parts business for several years, working his way up from the bottom, having a desire to be in the Lord’s work, he began serving as Distribution Manager at Lighthouse Mission in Indianapolis in the year 2000.   After five years he became Operations Manager and then in 2006 he was promoted to the Directorship of Lighthouse.  Then there was a merger of Lighthouse with Wheeler Mission, which is one of the oldest missions in the U.S. on Sept. 1, 2006, and for three years Matt was the Associate Director of The Hebron Center of the Wheeler Mission and then in 2009 he became the Director of Emergency Shelter Services.  When Bro. Matt resigned, It was understood by many, that he was in line to be promoted to the Directorship of the Mission at some point in the near future which would have truly been a great honor. 

But he was willing to leave that secure position to become the Assistant to the Pastor at IBT.  He came with the understanding that he would be serving under the Pastor in view of an opportunity to become the next pastor with no guarantee that the church would call him.  He came by faith, giving up that prestigious position, burning all of his bridges so to speak.  He is well prepared and well trained for the present assignment for which the Lord has called him.  During those years at the mission he graduated, on line, with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry from Freedom Seminary in Okeechobee, FL.  He has also secured five certificates in counselling including one as a certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional (CCJP) and also one from the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (CADAC II/ADC.  We know that it is never easy to pastor your first church no matter what the situation might be.  We also know that Bro. Matt has many challenges, but we believe that he is the one that God has laid His hand on to continue on the ministry of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple and we are going to stand by him with our prayers and support, and call on all of the members of IBT, and all people in the Christian community everywhere to stand with us in prayer at this crucial time of transition.

By Dr. Greg J. Dixon   


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