Trinity Springs Court Case

Trinity Springs Baptist Church in Martin County, Indiana, just won a great victory, not only for Trinity Springs, but for all of the unregistered churches of Indiana and the Biblical Law Center of Indianapolis who prepared the case.  It no doubt will eventually help other churches in the religious freedom fight across the land.  The ruling was given by the Indiana Tax Review Board.  Pastor Martin Jones represented the congregation in a hearing at the Court House in Shoals, Indiana on February 11, before a hearing judge, in a humble and professional manner, according to those present, who had filled the hearing room.  This is a great victory that God has wrought and the congregation at Trinity Springs is giving all praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for this great victory for religious liberty.  Trinity Springs had refused to fill out property tax forms that declared their church buildings, including their place of worship to be a “commercial theater” and also to confess that the State was Lord over the church rather than the Lord Jesus Christ who purchased “It” with “His own blood.”  Following are some of the comments that the Tax Board of Review made in recording their decision.

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