The Day Freedom Died


Churches are no longer TAX FREE.  Watch this series of 3 videos entitled THE DAY FREEDOM DIED and listen to reporters glibly report about a TAX FREE church owing the IRS over $6 Million Dollars even though THE IRS audited their books and found that they owed nothing.  Attorney General John Ashcroft stated plainly that they OWED NO TAXES.  THEIR CRIME?  Cancelling their 501 (c)(3) IRS CONTROLLED Tax Exemption and opting for the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES which states clearly that churches are not TAX EXEMPT but rather TAX FREE because since the founding of this country and under the guidance of our founding fathers, the church has always had only one head, JESUS CHRIST.  The IRS no longer agrees with the founding fathers.  We are losing our freedoms and this is just one step.  The two ways that the government has taken over churches in COMMUNIST NATIONS his by UNLAWFUL TAXES and also by GOVERNMENT MANDATED HEALTH CARE which puts churches in the position of disobeying the law in order to submit to a higher power and when the state decides that they are the higher power, we have lost our freedom.  Interestingly Eric Holder had set the stage for this under Clinton when Bush and John Ashcroft took over. John Ashcroft even stated very clearly that the church OWED NO TAXES. The new administration was briefed and informed that a famous Baptist Church, Indianapolis Baptist Temple, was no more than a militia group of radicals.  That means freedom loving Americans are now considered radicals worthy of seizure by the state.



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Biblical Law Center - Helping Churches Since 1984 to organize or reorganize churches to leave the IRS 501 (c ) (3) tax exempt Scheme and become non-taxable New Testament Churches In the area of church polity.  For information go to http://biblicallawcenter.com/what-to-do