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Vol. XXII - Issue 2  Apr/Jun 2015


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Who Owns Palestine?

Dr. Noel Smith

Part V: The Position of the Jews

Baptist Bible Tribune, Dec. 13, 1967

(Editor’s  note:  The reader should remember that the prophetic clock has moved forward fifty years since these articles were written.)

We are completely wrong  if we have the notion that the mass of Jews publicly recognize that Palestine was deeded to Abraham and his seed forever, to the line of Isaac; that they came into possession of the land through the grace of God; that the hand God is today in the great movement of Jews returning to Palestine; that the Jews now in Palestine recognize that God is responsible for their being back there; that they accept the Old Testament as the Word of God, and that they are looking for the appearance of the Messiah.

While there are individual and small group exceptions, the great majority of Jews, of whatever faction, believe no such thing. The plain truth of the matter is that the Jews have little more to do with the God of the Bible than do the Mohammed and Arabs.  Another plain truth is that the Jews----all factions--- are as violently opposed to Christianity as are the Mohammed and Arabs; and if there is any difference at all, they are more so.

Let’s examine the plane, pathetic record and see what it reveals.

First of all, there are the Zionist Jews. They are an international organization. The Zionists are responsible for the modern Israeli state. The Zionists equate with the state.

One of the earliest exponents of Zionism was Theodore Herzl, an Austrian Jew. He became a Zionist [or a nationalist] following the famous Dreyfus trial, which he attended as a correspondent of a Viennese paper.  Alarmed at the anti-Semitism surrounding the trial, he began to advocate a Jewish state which would absorb immigrants from all parts of the world.  At first Herzl attached no particular importance to the locality of the state.  Herzl founded the Zionist Congress, an international organization.  The Congress became, and is today, the tribunal of Jewish nationalism.

Later on, Herzl decided that Palestine, because of its sentimental and religious appeal, was the place. He was willing to get possession of the land by any means that would work. He tried to make a deal with Abdul Hamid, Sultan of Turkey and suzerain of Palestine, offering him Jewish wealth to pay off Turkish debts.  In a later effort with the same fellow, Herzl tried to convince him that the Jews were the natural allies of the Mohammedans against the Christians. He told the Turk that the Jews would use their influence to quiet down the anti-Turkish feeling which had been aroused all over the civilized world because of the horrible Armenian massacres but the Turk wouldn’t do business with him. 

Herzl made gestures to the German Kaiser [“Kaiser Bill”].  He told the Kaiser that a Jewish Palestine would be an outpost of German culture, and that the Jews would aid the Kaiser in realizing his dream of a Berlin-Baghdad railway.  But the Kaiser at the time was courting the Mohammedans.

Herzl then tried the Russians Tsar, with no success. He then turned to the British. The colonial Secretary offered to colonize a tract of land in British East Africa, known today as Kenya.  Herzl was willing to accept it, but the Zionist Congress would settle for nothing but Palestine.

In the First World War, the Zionists used to do business with both the Turks and the Germans. They promised to recruit an army of Polish Jews to fight with Turkey. To the Germans, they would establish a cultural and commercial center which would be German.

Any kind of deal with anybody who would make it!

I emphasize that from the inception of Zionism the leaders have completely ignored God and completely disregarded the circumstances in which Abraham and his descendants became the perpetual owners of Palestine.

Zionist propaganda operates on the theory that the end justifies any means at hand, including character assassination.  In November 1946, the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, himself a Jew, said publicly:  ”I dislike the coercive methods of Zionists who in this country have not hesitated to use economic means to silence persons who have different views.  I object to the attempts at character assassination of those who do not agree with them.”

The Prime Minister of Israel is David Ben Gurion.  71 years old,  Mr. Ben Gurion as was Herbert Spencer, is largely a self-educated man.  He is one of the ablest, most resourceful statesmen in the world today.  He has a vast knowledge of history, and he has what few statesmen today have-- the historical mind.

In an article in, “Modern Prophet of Israel,” in the last November 18 issue of Life magazine, Robert Coughlan wrote that to Ben Gurion Jehovah is nothing more than a figure of mythology.  Mr. Ben Gurion believes that the Old Testament contains a good deal of authentic history, and he is said to keep a copy of it on his desk. He does not believe the Old Testament to be the Word of God. Like most contemporary evangelical theologians, Mr. Ben Gurion believes that the prophets were primarily historians who did the best they could.  He thinks they did, on the whole, extraordinarily well.

We have Mr. Ben Gurion’s own book, “rebirth and destiny of Israel.” In those 539 pages the Prime Minister is a silent as the Arabs on the covenant God made with Abraham. Presumably, that also is mythology. 

But Mr. Ben Gurion is not silent on Christianity. Here his own words:

The longest and hardest trial came with the flourishing of Christianity. The culture of Egypt and Babylon, of Greece and Rome, was foreign to Judaism. Not so Christianity. It was born in the very bosom of Judaism, from within it, and out of it. The man to whom the new faith was accounted was a plain Jew living in the midst of his people. His religious and moral conceptions did not overstep his bounds of those accepted by the Jews of his time. Even the ideas to which Jesus gave special emphasis was not, in essence, different from the thinking usual among the sects which abounded in Israel before the destruction of the second Temple. As a Jew of his generation, Jesus refused to take the children’s bread and to cast it unto the dogs,’ and when the Canaanite woman cried out to him for help he answered her saying: ‘I’m not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.’

The anti-Jewish bias was imparted to the new religion by Saul of Tarsus, the apostle, and  perhaps also the author, of the ‘New’ Testament in contradistinction to our Old.  Saul, son of a Roman citizen who lived abroad, was brought up as a Jew and was a pupil of Rabbi Gamaliel. Like the other pupils, he was a fanatical Pharisee, but he had traveled and taken in something of Greek culture.  At first, he was one of the spirited adversaries of the Christian sect in Jerusalem, but after he’d ‘seen the light’ was his way to Damascus and became one of the believers in Jesus as the son of God, a new direction was given it.  Unlike the disciples of Jesus and Palestine, who regarded themselves as Jews in every way, Saul of Tarsus, now named Paul, held that his mission was mainly to the Gentiles, and turned the sect into a religion and a church defying the fundamental principles of Judaism as a nation, a religion and an ideal.

At the moment when Jesus is quoted as saying: ‘Think not that I am come to destroy the law of the prophets. I am not come to destroy but to fulfill. For verily I say and do you--- till heaven and earth shall pass, what John tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled,’ at the selfsame moment Saul was striving with might and main to uproot the Torah and its commands, and to bring an end to Jewry as a national entity pursuing a better world.  Saul was perhaps the most potent assimilationist the Jewish people has ever had.  He denied the practical precepts which constitute the essence and foundation of Judaism and based all religion on faith alone.  He recognized only the individual and not the nation.  He tried to destroy the faith and hope of the Jewish people in national and territorial redemption. Rejecting the ultimate vision of the profits, which looks far into the future and there makes one the redemption of the nation and the whole world, the dignity of Israel and the kingdom of peace and justice on earth, Saul founded Christianity on faith and heavenly redemption through Messiah already come.

Christianity throve and spread when the last vestige of independence was lost to Israel. The fierce, despairing wars fought against its Roman tyrants, from the days of Yehuda the Galilean and Zadok to Shimon bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiva, ended in total defeat and loss of liberty.  It was a deep-seated spiritual and social shock, a political reverse the like whereof Israel had never before endured. The forsworn in gallant warriors had fallen in battle or were taken captive. The People’s freedom was shattered. The temple was burned down. Much of the land was laid waste. Jerusalem was blotted out and its name was changed. It seemed as if Judah had fallen never to rise again, that the Jewish people was dead to memory. There was left only the Jewish faith. That too had to undergo a gruesome ordeal. The Emperor Hadrian, conqueror of bar Kochba, banned the practice of circumcision, the observance of the Sabbath, and the teaching of the Torah in the schools. These prescriptions were enforced with vicious severity, and great men of Israel who imperiled their lives for the learning of the Torah, were put to death. Among them was Rabbi Akiva, vital spark in Bar Kochba’s uprising.

But the deadlier attack came from within, from the adherents of Christianity which sprang from the heart of Judaism. They had claimed at first that they put their faith in the prophets and in the beliefs, hope and ideas which had taken root in Judaism during the period of the Second Temple, especially the beliefs in the Messiah and in the resurrection. For a long time the first followers of Jesus behaved completely as Jews, fulfilling all commandments and canons. But they discarded the national hope of Israel, hope of a redemption destined yet to be. The attraction of a number of expatriate Jews, who had little knowledge of Judaism or connection with the Jewish people, the adoption of the new religion by the Greeks and other nations which had been idolaters, and the proselytizing work of soul accentuated the differences.

The Christian Jews did not take part in the national struggle against Rome. They were wont to inform the Roman authorities explicitly that they had no link or association with contumacious Jews. Saul bade his followers submit to the Roman authorities and accept their judgment. Jesus to is quoted as saying ‘Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s,’ but Saul went further. Every man, he preached in one of his epistles, must yield to his superior, for there is no authority that is not there by the will of God, every authority that exists was by God appointed, and whosoever rebels against the appointed rulers rebels against the word of God. (This article will be continued in the next Trumpet)




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