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Why I have supported Dr. Kent Hovind


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It has been questioned as to why I have supported Dr. Kent Hovind in his struggles with the IRS and the United States Justice Department. I have actually been severely criticized from some quarters, even by some that call themselves "Christians" for doing so. Because of this and the scriptural admonition, "… be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear" I will try to quit myself for this task.

First let me enumerate the reasons that I do not support Bro. Hovind:

It is not because I am related to him in any way.

It is not because I am, or have ever been a part of his ministry in any way.

It is not because we are bosom pals, or long time close friends, although we are friends in the gospel of Christ and the cause of liberty.

It is not because of any monetary or personal gain of any manner. In fact on the debit side it has cost me both in finances and probably in some quarters the questioning of my sanity. However, my wife and family can tell you that, at eighty-two, what I have lost in poor investments, and lost causes through the years, they have questioned my sanity long ago, so I am used to that by now.

Neither is it because I understand fully "the law" that the IRS says that Bro. Kent and his wife Jo, is supposed to have broken. Nor is it because I understand all of the arguments that his, seemingly, never ending legal gurus come forth with, that is supposed to be the newest silver bullet that will be the fifth stone in David's sling shot that will fell the IRS Goliath.

Neither is it because I believe that the creation/science cause will die, if Kent Hovind, one of the greatest champions of the Young Earth Creation apologists living today, remains in prison. I am of the generation that didn't need evidence to believe that "God created the heavens and the earth." Our position was pretty simplistic. God said it, we believed it, and that settled it. We took the words of the Lord Jesus literally that he said to Thomas, "Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

Neither is it because I believe he did everything "just right" according to others legal standards. It is amazing how many refuse to support others in the battle if they don't use the legal arguments that they believe should be used.

Neither is it because he isn't on the same page I am on every Bible doctrine, including end time prophecy, etc. Again, many withdraw from the one who is under attack because he doesn't believe the same way, not considering that he may be the next in line.

Neither is it because I believe that the Lord Jesus said at any time, "Pay your taxes", as most Christians and even preachers believe. At no time did he ever give such a command. His instructions to the Pharisees was to pay Caesar what was owed to Caesar. Obviously if they don't owe him anything there would be nothing to pay. This is the crux of Hovind's argument. He sincerely believes that his ministry has no tax liability. He does not believe, nor have other observers that the IRS has ever proved it in court, that his ministry is lawfully obligated to collected and remit taxes on those who minister in the Lord's work. And until they do, he is simply not going to pay them (Caesar) anything. In fact he has said, over and over, "Show me what law I have broken and I will gladly pay all taxes due" He is too honest, and has too much integrity to do otherwise. Sadly, those who betrayed him to the IRS in the beginning did not understand this.

I certainly do not share the belief that Bro. Hovind is stupid or stubborn as one columnist has suggested, determined yes, but not stubborn. In fact he wrote that he wouldn't vote to convict him if he was sitting on the jury, because he doesn't consider "filing stupid arguments with the court makes one a criminal." And yet if Bro. Hovind is found guilty of filing "frivolous" arguments which was simply intended to overturn his original conviction, he could spend an additional twenty years in a federal prison after already serving nine. He was implying that continuing to sue the federal government, knowing that he could have been out of that 'hell hole' and in a half- way house six months ago, and now on home detention and soon on his way to freedom, has to be the actions of a lunatic. Frankly, he makes a pretty strong argument, that is if you take the God factor out of it.

I will never forget the way the secular press handled the killing of Jim Elliott, Nate Saint and the other three missionaries that were killed by the Auca Indians in 1950. The headline that blazed across the double page of Life Magazine carried the question, "Were They Foolhardy? with the clear implication that they were. But does anyone suggest that a young man or woman is foolhardy who gives life and limb in Iraq or Afghanistan? Does anyone consider Nathan Hale foolhardy, when he says, "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country?" No, we call them heroes, but in the eyes of the world, and even a worldly church, Kent Hovind is a zero.

Without reservation I have and continue to support Kent Hovind because he is worthy of the support of every Christian believer and the Christian community at large, as well as every patriotic American. He has, as the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship resolution said, "Lived an impeccable life as an example for every Christian and has committed his life to proclaiming and defending the Gospel of Christ."

And as that resolution continued, I also support Hovind's, and every other persons right to sue the federal government seeking redress for false imprisonment, without the government seeking to add additional years to their sentence for "frivolous" encumbering of the courts.

I support Kent Hovind who has no previous criminal record who has served already nine years in federal prisons for a nonviolent alleged crime of "structuring" which was passed by Congress to curtail organized crime and drug dealers, not to incarcerate preachers and their wives who were conducting their ministry activities in the manner that many ministries have operated and are still operating for many, many years.

I support Kent Hovind, who had never had a criminal record and yet was told by Federal Judge Casey Rogers at sentencing that "He was worse than a rapist", while some rapists and killers have received probation.

I support Kent Hovind, because in spite of what some say, he is the target of IRS and U.S. Justice Department persecution, not only based on what they have done in his indictment, conviction and sentencing, but moving him to approximately twenty prisons in these nine years, which in essence is internal persecution that can even lead to death through what is called, "diesel therapy."

I support Kent Hovind because of the religion clause of the first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which has never been amended or repealed which says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" At the least this would mean that over two-hundred years before the Sixteenth amendment and the establishment of the IRS, the religious conviction against a ministry paying and collecting taxes is a settled matter, and to say otherwise, as Thomas Jefferson would say, "Is a self-evident truth."

I also support Kent Hovind's right to use Common Law arguments, which is at the crux of the issue. Common Law, is the original law of America. It is Bible law. It is the law of common sense. It is the law of Blackstone, Locke, Rogers, Jefferson, and Madison. It is the law of the U.S. Constitution. However for many decades now the Supreme Court has been changing over to statutory law, or precedent law or stare decisis (fixed law). That's why Kent Hovind must lose. They can't afford to allow him to win. But it can also be his salvation. If enough support can be raised for him, neither can they allow him to be a martyr.

Why do I support Kent Hovind? To be faithful to Christ, I must support him. That is why I made a twenty hour round trip at his sentencing nine years ago to stand up in front of the court and speak on his behalf. In fact I was the only preacher, outside of his ministry to do so.

Why do I support Kent Hovind? Because I was there in Corpus Christi in 1979 when Bro. Lester Roloff said, "Our church today, your church tomorrow." If I can help it, I don't want any more tomorrow's like that in America.

Why do I support Kent Hovind? Because I was there when Pastor Everett Sileven was carried out of his pulpit of the Faith Baptist Church in Louisville, Nebraska in 1982 and I don't want any more pastors carried out of their churches in America.

Why do I support Kent Hovind? Because I was there in 2001 when at the orders of the IRS and U.S. Justice Department they bulldozed down our church auditorium in Indianapolis, I don't want to see anymore church buildings torn down by our government, not here in America.

Why do I support Kent Hovind? Because I want all to understand that this effort against him and the other conservative ministries that are under attack presently by the IRS reveal the attitude of our government toward Fundamental and Evangelical churches and ministries. In October of 1998 there was a meeting in the Clinton White House among all of his highest ranking aides as to how to eliminate all uncooperative churches and ministries in America. This meeting has been verified by Texe Marrs of Austin, Texas and Judicial Watch of Washington, D.C. There is no doubt in my mind that the incarceration of Kent Hovind is the direct result of that meeting.

Why do I support Kent Hovind? It is also because of the Niemoeller principle. He was a pastor in Germany when Hitler and his thugs began to take control. He said:

"First they came for the socialists,

And I did not speak out,

Because I was not

A socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,

And I did not speak out,

Because I was not

A trade unionists.

Then they came for the Jews,

And I did not speak out,

Because I was not

A Jew.

And then they came for me

And there was no one left to

Speak for me.

Martin Niemoeller

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Dr. Hovind's trial has been rescheduled for Jan. 5th at 8 am at the Federal Court Building in Pensacola, Florida.


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