Do I Hear the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?



Vol. XXII - Issue 1 Jan/Mar 2015



Pastor Greg A. Dixon with Chin Pastors
Nov. 30, Pastor Greg A. Dixon honored the Pastors and their wives of the Chin Baptist Church, which meet in the IBT facility weekly, for carrying on the Judson legacy. L. to R. is Pastor and Mrs. Tluang Thang, and Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Hre Kio

Midwinter UBF Meeting
Victory Baptist Church
Okeechobee, Florida
February 23-24, 2015

Regional Meeting
Heritage Baptist Church
Logansville, PA.
April 20-21, 2015

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Mid-Winter Meeting—Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

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Do I Hear the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

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Do I Hear the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Don Boys, Ph.D.


The Muslim invasion of America has resulted in a dangerous, dark, decaying and dying nation, and I see no hope for America and the world even if there were a return to genuine Christianity. 

Recently there has been talk of an “American Hiroshima” whereby many American cities experience nuclear explosions either on one day or over succeeding days! U.S. officials know nuclear suitcase bombs were purchased from break-a-way rebels in the old Soviet Union. If major American cities were destroyed with millions dead, it would be the end of the greatest civilization in man’s history! Could that be the reason the Bible does not refer to America whereas minor nations are mentioned? I would think that a nation as impressive as America would be hinted at in Scripture, but not so.

You turn on your television set some morning to discover that our major cities are in flames with hundreds of thousands dead and millions dying a slow death from radiation. Will you have a job after that? Will you even care about a job? Your first and major thought will be survival. You will be delighted that you bought a big bag of beans and rice for your pantry.

It is possible that Muslim terrorists will detonate nuclear bombs in some of our major cities or they might set off a bomb in one city then blackmail us with other bombs: “Surrender to Muslim sharia law and live under an American caliphate or tomorrow bombs will go off in two other cities.” What do you think national politicians will do? Ladies, how do you think you will like wearing a burka? While a burka will not permit your belly button or breasts to be revealed, it will reveal your eyes—only your eyes!

The nuclear bombing of only one U.S. city would affect the world economy and make the Great Depression look like a blip on the screen. Insurance companies will go into bankruptcy or into the courts to refuse claim payments and banks will be closed. You will try to call the toll-free number to sell your mutual funds only to hear a constant busy signal. You will talk to your broker only to find that both of you are broke.

The U.S. Government will be broke and will renege on its financial obligations. Tax payments to the IRS will plummet as the cost of rescue and recovery soar into the stratosphere. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, an agency that guarantees pensions, (already billions of dollars in the hole) from major corporations will go belly up. So will Social Security. Everyone will be on his own.

Some are fearful that the followers of that “peaceful” religion of Islam will go high tech and set off an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) device resulting in wiping out all U.S. electronic devices but keeping our superstructure intact. Former CIA chief James Woolsey testified before a Congressional committee as reported on May 2, 2005 that the EMP could have “devastating consequences.”

If all electronic devices and electronically powered equipment were terminated because of the effects of an EMP device, then the U.S. would quickly grind to a halt. It might be more devastating than a major nuclear bomb! Think what it would mean: no elevators to take people to the upper floors of apartment and office buildings; no air conditioning; no heat; no lights; no subways; no stop and go lights in any city; no telephones, no radio or television (Okay, might be an improvement); no computers, no cell phones, no air travel, and many other problems. America would be back in the 1800s again!

Furthermore, no EMP would have a return address! So against whom do we retaliate? In addition, if all our electronic systems are down, how do we mount an effective response without planes, guidance systems for missiles, etc.? Maybe you are reading this column in the dark, and that is where our military may be at that hour.

I hope you are not reading this column in a dark bomb shelter. It is not melodramatic to say that American streets could become dark, deserted, and dangerous places as anarchy reigns. To my critics who accuse me of crying wolf, I would remind them that the wolf did eventually appear and devour the sheep!

I can almost hear the approaching hoof beats of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in the distance. I am sure glad I know Christ in the forgiveness of my sins.

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