Life Story-Sarafaye Denham Griswold



Vol. XXIV - Issue I  Jan/Mar 2017


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Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meetings 2017

February 20-21, 2017

Victory Baptist Church

500 SW 9th St.

Okeechobee, Florida 34974

Johnny Jarriel, Host Pastor

Monday - February 20 - 7 pm

Tuesday - February 21 – 9:30 am - 5 pm Evening Service 6:30 pm.

Monday - February 20 - 7 pm

Tuesday - February 21 – 9:30 am - 5 pm Evening Service 6:30 pm. 

Phone:     (Cell) 863-697-6598

E mail -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


33rd National UBF Meeting

Oct. 16 – 18, 2017

Indianapolis Baptist Temple


Indianapolis, Indiana

Host Pastor - Matt Roller

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Motel Information see UBF Web Site


February 13 Marks 16th Anniversary of Raid on Baptist Temple

American Churches—Is There No Shame?


Life Story-Sarafaye Denham Griswold

10 Curses on America - More to come?

Israel Greatly Concerned

The Navy and Chipping

January 15—70 Nations Gather to Discuss the Future of Israel

UBF Meetings

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Life Story-Sarafaye Dehnam Griswold


First IBT Youth to hear the call for Christian Service


                 (Publishers Remarks: During the forty-one year ministry of Dr. and Mrs. Greg J. Dixon at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple approximately 170 young men left for Christian service as Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists and Christian Education.  However, little has been said of the scores, maybe well over one-hundred Christian young ladies who left to serve the Lord in their reserve role as wives for these young men or others as they carried out their divine call for God and were instrumental in the success of their ministry.  We are convinced that the example of Mrs. Dixon and many other godly Sunday school teachers and Christian ladies at IBT aided in the development of these young ladies besides their parents.  If we receive the cooperation from them, we plan to spotlight the story of their lives in future Trumpets.  This Trumpet features the life of the first person to leave out for full time Christian service from the church.  Sarafaye Denham Griswold.  May we pray that God will continue to raise up godly women to fill the ranks of Christian service.)Dehnam Family

I'm a fun-loving gal from the Heartland of America!  Indianapolis is my home town. I was born into a Christian family and am the youngest of four children.  I was born on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1938.  My mother was 38 years of age and my daddy was 60. I think I was their surprise package.  My mother told me that when she found out that she was expecting me, my father was quite upset.  He was concerned what people would think of him at age 60 and fathering another child.  He walked up the street to talk to my mother's close friend who was a godly woman and he told her how he felt.  She told him, “Now Jim...God is giving you this baby for a special reason.  He has a purpose in this.” 


My childhood days were happy days growing up in the 1940's and '50's. So very different from the way children are raised today.  I was taken to church at a very early age.  We lived on the south side of Indianapolis and went to Edgewood Methodist Church and later went to Edgewood Nazarene.  How well I remember the little red chairs in the classrooms and the Bible story cards we received each week.  Going to church on Sunday was the highlight of my week!  It always has been, for which I am grateful.


I had been taught about Jesus all my life and the only way to heaven was through accepting Him as my Savior.  I did this very thing when I was about twelve years old.  I had gone to a revival meeting in a small mission church and it was there that God spoke to my heart of my need of a Savior.  That was a decision I have never regretted.  At this time in my life we attended an inter-denominational church for several years.  We didn't have a car so we always had to depend on someone to give us a ride.


It was in 1952 or 1953 that we were invited by a friend of my mothers to attend a new church that was just being organized.  The Indianapolis Baptist Temple.  When we attended the first time, the church was meeting in a small storeOldIBT building on Madison Avenue and the pastor was Rev. George Young.  Amazing as it was, we felt “at home” right away and that is where we stayed.  It was “our church” and was for many years hence.  I was a freshman or sophomore in high school at the time.  When Pastor Young left the pastorate, the church called a new pastor and we fell in love with he and his wife immediately. That pastor was Greg Dixon and his beautiful wife, Wanda.  His teaching and preaching made a tremendous impact on my life.


Summertime of 1954, I had just turned 16.  Our Youth Department went to Youth Camp  along with the pastor and his wife at St Mary's, Ohio.  It was during that week that I felt God leading me towards full-time service.  I remember well going forward at the close of the service and Mary Schott praying with me about my decision.  She and her husband, Richard were on deputation at the time to go as missionaries to the Philippines.  Two years later in the fall of 1956, my pastor's wife, Wanda Dixon, took me to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri where I enrolled for my first year. 


My first year at college was short lived.  My father died and I went home to be with my mother. I then went to work for an insurance company to help out financially but not giving up my dream of returning to Springfield, MO to college.  I did return in the Fall of 1957.  It was a wonderful year.  Many learning experiences, many friends and lots of fun.


I met the love of my life at BBC.  Leaon Griswold.  A handsome  Okie from Chickasha, Oklahoma.  He was taking the Pastor's course.  We were married in 1958 after his graduation in May from BBC.  At his graduation, we had no idea of where we would be going to live or work, but God knew all about that.  He met a young pastor who wanted someone to come work with him in Grand Rapids, Michigan at a fairly new church.  The man's name was Walter Eldridge. We accepted the position with no promise of a salary, but the church would pay our house rent and gas expense.  Leaon was a jack of all trades....leadingBBC singing, working with youth, hours spent in visitation.  We were there for 3 years. 


We left in 1961 and were blessed to go to our first pastorate.  A brand new work with 28 charter members.  Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church in Arkansas City, Kansas.  God blessed the work there.  The church grew, people accepted Christ, and we loved it.    God used us to build two lovely buildings there.  We think back now and that was our “first love”. Our three daughters were all born during our years there.  We left after eight years and then......


God led us to West Erwin Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas.  We served the Lord there with the sweetest bunch of people for six and one-half years.  A wonderful time of ministry there.  We also had the last addition to our family while in Tyler....a baby boy.  We left Tyler in 1975 and my husband accepted the pastorate of Park Hill Baptist Church in Pueblo, Colorado.  We served there for 22 beautiful years until we felt it was time that the church needed new leadership and that God was leading us in a different direction. 


Looking back over 58 years of marriage and ministry, I would not change a thing.  I loved being a pastor's wife to the congregations that God had called us to.  The countless opportunities of loving people and sharing the gospel.  The mission trips to Japan and the Philippines opened my eyes to the need of Christ in the countries around the world.  I have been blessed beyond words to have experienced all of this.


We finally moved in 2000 to the beautiful State of Tennessee.  We live just south of Nashville in the quaint, old southern town of Columbia. We are still involved in ministry.  Since moving here my husband worked for about 4 years with Care Ministries, speaks when he has  opportunities and presently in the summertime, God has given us a job to serve as camp hosts at a national forest campground in Colorado for the past five years.  I cannot count the many times God has opened the doors for us to share with others the good news of God's amazing grace.  We feel humbled... but honored that the Lord chose us to be His servants.


~Sarafaye Denham Griswold


The End







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