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Hovind Acquitted on All Charges

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Hovind cleared of all charges

Well at last some good news in the Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen case.  According to the May 20, Pensacola Journal, “It seems - for the moment at least - that "Hovindication" has come to pass.

In a pair of court orders issued Monday night, Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind was granted a motion for judgment of acquittal in connection with a March contempt conviction, as well as had three counts of mail fraud and associated conspiracy charges dismissed.

The orders, signed by Chief Judge M. Casey Rodgers, indicated that the grounds for the dismissals and the pending acquittal were primarily based around the language of the charges against Hovind.

Rodgers ruled that the government's indictment was not specific enough in explaining how Hovind had broken the law. The charges were dismissed without prejudice, although the government could potentially refine them and bring them against Hovind again at a later date.

In regard to the contempt charge, a jury had previously found Hovind guilty of violating a court forfeiture order when he filed paper work saying the ownership of nine properties the government seized from him was still in question.

Hovind was being retried after one man on a twelve man jury refused to vote to convict this past year on the same charges.  He was already serving nearly nine years on tax related charges and so called crimes related to “structuring.”   He and his wife Jo had been found guilty of not withholding payroll and FICA taxes from those who served in their ministry at Dino Land in Pensacola. 

Paul Hansen from Nebraska was also named in the decision by Rodgers.  He became involved when he offered to help Bro. Kent with his legal defense.  At that point Judge Case Rodgers charged him with the same offenses, with the exception of criminal contempt.

How did Hovind’s acquittal come about?

Many are asking, with the government bent on slamming Bro. Hovind back in Prison again after his first sentence was coming to an end, why did the federal prosecutors on their own move for an acquittal on all charges, including the contempt charge?  First the fact that there was a hung jury on three counts and only the one conviction on contempt for Hovind at the first trial goes to the credit of one male jurist, who simply held out for acquittal and said that they had committed no crime.  If he had not done such a brave and honorable thing, Hovind would have been facing another twenty years in a Federal Prison and Hansen along with him.

Hovind’s Bulldogs

However, according to an article in the May 15 Forbes Magazine by Peter J. Reilly, there are three godly Christian men who deserve the eternal gratitude of the entire Christian community because of their untiring efforts on behalf of Bro. Hovind.  They just simply wouldn’t give up.  They were like bulldogs for Jesus.  Here is Reilly’s take on the case after carving Hovind up in previous articles.

“I just heard from one of the white collar crime experts who has been helping me follow the case.

Wow!  Good for her!   Will be even more interesting now to see whether govt goes back to the grand jury for a superseding indictment that better articulates a mail/wire fraud theory.  Normally, the Tax Division of the USDOJ does not authorize the use of the mail fraud statute to pursue tax cases. Perhaps the second case is now really over.

Although Kent’s supporters will, of course, give all credit for this victory to Jesus, they are likely to give a good hat tip to the United States Justice Foundation.  As far as I can tell credit for picking USJF goes to Dave Daubenmire and Ernie Land.  You also have to give Kent Hovind credit for going with a conventional defense.”  The article also gave credit for the undying efforts of Texan Rudy Davis.

Hovind Continues to be victim of diesel therapy

Having already been in twenty three prisons in nearly nine years, Dr. Kent Hovind has now been moved from the Santa Clara County, Florida Jail in Milton, Florida to a Federal facility in Oklahoma City.  And according to an e mail from Rudy Davis dated June 1 he is yet to be moved again.

From: Rudy Davis [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Sent: Monday, June 01, 2015 8:34 PM

To: Dr. Greg Dixon

Cc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject: Re: Hovind Info.


Hi Pastor Dixon,


Thank you for your continued strong support of brother Kent.  I have copied two gentleman as well who have been in the middle of the fight for a long time as well (RacerX and Tanner).


It is amazing that Dennis Hastert is only charged with one count of structuring in mainstream news. Hastert was accused of withdrawing

$952,000 in at least 106 transactions but WAS ONLY CHARGED WITH ONE COUNT OF STRUCTURING!  Kent withdrew $400,000 over three years legally 45 times and was charges with 45 COUNTS OF STRUCTURING


As of today, brother Kent is in the Oklahoma City BOP Transfer center.  The expectation is that they will transfer brother Kent to Yazoo City, MS Bureau of Prisons sometime this week.


This is the 25th time they have transferred Kent in an 8 hour drive in leg chains, belly chain and handcuffs. Kent says it is an absolutely miserable ride and he is facing another such transfer from Oklahoma to Yazoo City, MS possibly sometime this week.


OK City, OK



Yazo City, MS



Kent's current release date is scheduled for August 9th, 2015 but there are some signs of hope that he could be released soon on home confinement.  We are praying for that to happen soon.


Paul Hansen is scheduled for sentencing on June 29th and I attached a PDF file which shows that as well.


Paul recently made the two videos below and still sits in Santa Rosa County Jail awaiting sentencing from anti-Christian judge Margaret Casey Rodgers....


Paul Hansen Makes A Statement To US Persecuting Attorney Tiffany Hope Eggers (5-29-15) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X2Dm38qnss


Paul Hansen Continues To Suffer Persecution On American Soil (5-31-15)



Below is an email that just came in from brother Kent 15 minutes ago.



To all on my list,


Well, inmate.com rumor says a bus leaves at 2am tonight and another the next day so I may be on one of them to Yazoo City.  ??  Hope so!  If you don't hear right back from me don't fret.  I'll have 8-10

hrs in shackles, belly chain and handcuffs.   This whole system is

REALLY dumb and needs a COMPLETE overhaul!  Oh well, this will be the LAST time they move me I believe!


Psalms 105? says they hurt Joseph's feet with irons so he may have had leg irons on for YEARS!  Don't know, we'll see in Heaven.  He's one of my heroes.  He's one of the FEW Bible characters where NOTHING bad is said about him.  He was betrayed by his own family, falsely accused and imprisoned and even in prison he won souls to the Lord and trusted God to work it all out.  In ONE DAY he went from prisoner to vice pharaoh and married to a princess!  I've already had the princess for 42 years and don't want the vice pharaoh job but freedom is sounding really good!  I HOPE Yazoo says, "We have gotten 10,000 calls about you so PLEASE sign this paper and go HOME TODAY!"  Worst

case- Aug 9. :)


Three thots...

1. my post about math for the GK had plain instead of plane geometry :(  Spell check didn't catch that one so please fix for me.

2. I have a 13,000 character limit (@2.5 pages) on emails here so if you send messages back and forth and add to mine it will fill up fast.  Start new ones once in a while please. :) 3. I'd love visits in Yazoo but, I may not be there long enough ( I

HOPE- visit me at HOME!).  I can only get visits from those who knew me b4 I went to prison so contact Kevin Nason (603-539-9093

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in NH for details on where to get the visit form and where to send it etc. Be sure to ask him about his ministry for the Lord, the interactive creation videos, Puah and what to expect at visits.


Bible study tonight at 7.  Last night I believe 3 men were saved.  GREAT fishin in here! :) See ya at the finish line!


In Christ,

Kent Hovind








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