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Vol. XXIII - Issue I Jan/Mar 2016


News of Interest

IBT Building 

Bro. Mario Cruz is the new pastor of the Good Shepherd Baptist Church.  His Father in law Pedro Ramirez died recently of a heart attack at fifty years old.  Mario has taken his place.   Pastor Greg A. Dixon took part in his installation service.


UBF Meeting February 22-23.

Midwinter UBF Meeting

Unregistered Baptist Fellowship
February 22-23, 2016

Victory Baptist Church

500 SW 9th St.

Okeechobee, Florida 34974

Johnny Jarriel, Host Pastor

 UBF Meeting

Pastors at UBF meeting  Victory Baptist Church in Paducah Oct. 19-21, 2015

Feb. 15th Marks 15th Anniversary of IBT Raid

History of Tax Exemption in America


Victorious church or faithful church – Baldwin answer

To God be the Glory – Personal blessings

Pastor Greg A. Dixon’s November Trip to Mexico

Mid-Winter UBF Meeting Feb. 22-23 Okeechobee, FL

Graham agrees, Muslims should be banned


Booklets by Dr. Greg Dixon

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To God be the Glory – Personal blessings


By Dr. Greg J. DixonDixon

God has been so good to our family, especially in the area of several physical healings that can only be considered in the area of the miraculous.  On this Thanksgiving 2015 I want to recount some of these events, with the purpose of letting our posterity know about these things, and giving all glory to the God of the Bible and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1969 after abdomen surgery, I was clinically dead for a period of three minutes at the Mayo Clinic (St. Mary’s Hospital) in Rochester, MN.  Other than the fact that some think that I am still “brain dead”, I have had no ill effects from that experience although I spent ten months out of a two year period in the hospital.  Shortly after that our daughter Robin contracted bone cancer and had to have her left leg amputated at sixteen years old, also at Mayo’s.  It spread into the lung and they gave her no hope of living.  When they operated they found that the tumor had somehow encapsulated itself and they removed it.  She is now fifty-eight and pronounced cancer free. 

The next incident was our son’s youngest daughter, Olivia, born with Pierre Robin Syndrome.   I shall never forget the day that Greg asked all the members of his immediate family including his in laws Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shannon to meet him at her room at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.  When we got there to her room he pulled out a quart bottle of Olive Oil.  I thought, “Wouldn’t a small bottle do as well?”  I must confess that I was somewhat embarrassed.  As we gathered around her bedside, he anointed her with the oil on her forehead, and prayed a simple prayer.  After many surgery’s which also included back surgery in her teen years where she had the rods inserted in her back for “scoliosis”, she is a beautiful young lady (I think she looks like her grandmother Wanda), and in the freshman class at Liberty University.

My Wife Wanda is also nothing short of a miracle.   Mayo Clinic in Phoenix in 2012 would not do heart surgery because they did not think that she could make it through the procedure.  In Indianapolis in May of 2015 the doctors told us that unless she had surgery she had less than two years to live but that she couldn’t make it through the surgery.  But they had a new discovery called TVAR where they could go through the groin but they had to have a vote of a committee, wow did we pray.  They agreed to do it, it was a total success.  But setbacks, infections, two falls, a month in rehab, but finally we were able to get back to Florida and then a terrible viral infection that no drugs could control set in.  Finally, thankfully today, we are going to be able to have thanksgiving dinner with our daughter Robin and our granddaughter Dee who flew in to visit us last Monday.

Now for one last miracle, hopefully not to bore you with all of this, but for me not to give God the glory for what He has done for us would be a great sin on our part.

This last Tuesday evening I received a call from Dr. Jan Moreb, the head of the Myeloma Department at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville.   He said, “Your numbers have not changed, see you in six months, have a nice Thanksgiving.  He was referring to my blood test that shows whether my “blood cancer” is staying the same, “smoldering” or beginning to “flame.”  In this case it is the same.

Tuesday, Nov. 16, my dear friend Bro. Bob Kinman drove me to Gainesville, Florida to see Dr. Moreb.  I had not been there for more than a year.  He was looking at my numbers on his monitor from Oct. 2014.  He said that in Feb. 2009 my bone marrow tests showed 35% higher than the normal person.  Since then they had gone down some.  In these nearly seven years I have had no treatment of any kind, other than the prayers of God’s people.  Dr. Moreb is a secularist.  He sat there for a little bit and said, “Amazing, I have never seen this before.”  Bob said something about God answering prayer, I can’t remember, I was in a daze that point.  All that I can say, is “To God be the glory, great things  He has done.”      (End)


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